"How are we to live in the time of collapse?"

Find Community at Our Weekly Meetings

We hold three meetings per week, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You are welcome at any or all. Meetings are free and without obligation. 

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U.S. evening/Australia midday.

Pacific time 5:30pm, UTC time 1:30am

Next meeting: 21 February 2024

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Europe evening/U.S. midday.

London/UTC time 7:00pm, Pacific time 11:00am

Next meeting: 22 February 2024

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U.S. midday/Europe evening.

Pacific time 11:00am, London/UTC time 7:00pm.

Next meeting: 24 February 2024

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A Sense of Belonging

In this time of crisis and catastrophe, our comfort is to be with other people who understand what we're going through. In a Collapse Club meeting, you will join like-minded people in a safe, structured space to share your experience of collapse and to cultivate communal wisdom. 

Benefits of a Collapse Club meeting:

How do meetings work?

We have a simple agenda built around questions which invite you to share your personal experience of collapse:

"Resurrection" - Watercolor painting by Susan Porter with link to her website.

Resurrection, a painting by Susan Porter

1. Check-In – What have you noticed about collapse this week?

2. Circles – How are you living with collapse? 

3. Glimmers – What brings you joy in the midst of collapse?

In our meetings, we want to hear about your personal lived experience. We are not discussing theories or politics, and if we talk about the news we focus on how it impacts our personal lives. We are interested in you personally, because it is from your personal lived experience that all thinking and action emerge.

For a detailed description of how our meetings work, see the Meeting Flow page.

"It's been incredibly rewarding to be on these Collapse Club calls and finally feeling a community of people with shared ways of thinking which I've been longing for for so long. The 'Glimmers' and space for emotional honesty is helping me see a path forward. It's been so wonderful to feel connected and I am very thankful to have this community!"

~Rachel M.