Collapse Acceptance

15 Benefits of Collapse Acceptance

by Karen Perry

"These Benefit examples are seeds, not a recipe. How they manifest is unique to everyone."
Read a comment on the 15 Benefits by our Convener Wendy Freeman.

What is Collapse Acceptance?

by David Baum

"Acceptance is like enlightenment: everything changes, yet it’s all the same. ... Collapse acceptance is letting go of your future self and the world that self is supposed to live in."

Tenets of GRAC/E (Getting Real About Collapse/Extinction)

by Karen Perry

"The civilizational way of living has never been sustainable. ... This is a predicament not a problem, thus requiring wise responses, not false solutions."
See our video conversation with Karen and Jordan Perry.

Why Are Meetings Important?

by David Baum

"In Collapse Club meetings, we share our knowledge and we talk about our feelings. We meet people who are looking at the world and seeing the same things that we see, feeling what we feel. This is the path to connection."

After Rain, a painting by Susan Porter.


Emergency Emotional Support

A list by Alan Urban

"Please know that you are not alone. There are countless people who are also 'collapse aware' and understand what you’re going through. On this page, I’ve gathered resources for people who are worried about the future and looking for emotional support."

Collapse Club Facebook Group

Moderators: Susan Porter and Wendy Freeman

"This group is for people to connect with others who share the belief that collapse is real. Please feel free to share your personal experience of collapse and your journey to collapse acceptance."

Deep Adaptation Facebook Group

Facilitated by an international team of stalwart volunteers

Many of us at Collapse Club started with Deep Adaptation. The DA Facebook Group can be a good landing place for people just becoming aware of collapse. "This is where we share information on our inner and outer deep adaptation to unfolding societal breakdown due to climate change."

Collapse Acceptance Alliance (Post-Doom)

Thursday evening Zoom meeting with Val Christensen and Peter Melton

"We aim to create a safe and supportive space to explore our grief, discuss the full range of benefits of collapse acceptance, and build community." The Post-Doom website offers voluminous material from renowned religious naturalist Michael Dowd.
See our video conversation with Val and Peter.

r/CollapseSupport (Reddit/Discord)

Sunday midday voice call on Discord, with Kim (u/Xanthotic)

"A dedicated place for thoughtful discussion about the state of the world as it stands today and how we are coping." The r/CollapseSupport sub-Reddit tends to a younger demographic. Much activity occurs on Discord. Search the Reddit posts for information on how to join the Discord server and the Sunday call.
See our video conversation with Kim and Kairos.

Resilience & Acceptance in the Face of Collapse

Online course by Steve Aman & Doug Della Pietra

"This free, 9-week online Zoom course guides participants through written, video, podcast, and other material exploring subtopics including The Great Unraveling, deep adaptation, inner and outer resilience, Indigenous Wisdom, and collapse acceptance."
• Email:
See our video conversation with Steve and Doug.

Good Grief Network 

"Our unique 10-Step Program helps individuals and communities build resilience by creating spaces where people can lean into their painful feelings about the state of the world and reorient their lives toward meaningful action."

"It was wonderful to be a part of this group. We could share our thoughts and feelings as humans from the US and Europe. So much to learn from each soul!" -- Gail T.