Finding Serenity in a Collapsing World

by Susan Porter, December 29 2023

"God, grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change;

Courage to change the things I can;

And wisdom to know the difference."

–Reinhold Neibuhr, 1926

I have attended Al-Anon meetings for 28 years and I still use this prayer to help me keep a balanced attitude. Can I also use this simple prayer to help me cope with the Collapse of Civilization? Is it even possible to have “serenity” in these changing times?

I can find serenity and courage one day at a time using this helpful tool. I can use the three sections of this prayer as healthier lenses through which to view my responses to the world’s predicament. It pulls my mind out of imagining a fearful future into the present moment where I can actually do something.

What are the things I cannot change?

Here are a few of them:

What are the things I can change?

Here are a few of them:

What about Wisdom?

Collapse Club meetings can help me find the wisdom to know what I can’t change and what I still can change. I find people there to talk to who are just like me. They listen and understand how I feel. They share what they have done that helps them cope. I find resources there I didn’t know about before.

When I let go of the struggle of trying to change things I can’t change, I find new energy to apply toward living my life as fully as I can.

(This essay is slightly abbreviated from Susan's Substack.)

Why Are Meetings Important?

by David Baum, August 25 2023

Our visitors tell us that they feel alone in facing collapse. There is no one in their lives who shares their knowledge of what's happening, and no one who understands their feelings about it. It's a terrible isolation that can make people wonder if they are going crazy!

Just by gathering together and sharing honestly we can soothe this aloneness. In Collapse Club meetings, we share our knowledge and we talk about our feelings. We meet people who are looking at the world and seeing the same things that we see, feeling what we feel. This is the path to connection.

We cannot act correctly if we are fleeing from fear and sadness. We must confront our grief and find a place of clarity and calm. But that is something we cannot do alone! We need a community of compassionate people to help us express and process our powerful feelings. A compassionate community is what we create in a Collapse Club meeting.

It's terribly hard to know "what should I do about collapse?" At Collapse Club, we believe the answer to "what is mine to do?" will be different for every person, but we all go through a similar process to find our own answer. By hearing of other people's journeys, we can illuminate our own.

Then, from a position of clarity and calm, we can take a good look at what we have to offer and figure out how to bring our gifts to the world. In Collapse Club meetings, we talk about changing our lives and discovering new meaning. This is the path to healing.

On Karen Perry's '15 Benefits of Collapse Acceptance'

by Wendy Freeman, August 26 2023

Karen Perry has been through many of the bogs I find myself in. I find myself beneath the depths of what I thought was true, discovering the only certainty is that the World is changing.

Often frightening, its hard to know how to humanly respond to all of: the crazy weather, the heat, the rain, wildfires and floods here and abroad, the anger and divisiveness my acquaintances show too often. Moving into a time of doubt and uncertainty together, with no pathways, no route through, no guide who walked here before.

...But Karen Perry has a list. Some "seeds" for us to plant. She gives us some clarity on what needs doing.

She has concentrated that wisdom and experience into this enlightening quick list of 15 excellent and ultimately encouraging reasons why we should fully embrace acceptance of our predicament — not just skirt on the edge of being aware that the World we knew is over. She encourages us to dive in, to let go of the rules we were trained to live by (that World is gone), and gives some solid confirmation of the potential and the benefits of entering into the new, uncertain, and uncharted space opening before us as things collapse.