Meeting Flow

Meetings last about 90 minutes.



The Conveners welcome participants and give a sketch of the meeting flow. The Conveners lead a short grounding exercise to help the group focus on the upcoming meeting.

Part 1 - Knowledge Circle

Each participant shares a recent personal experience which confirms their knowledge that collapse is real. This is a brief check-in, about 2 minutes per person. We want to hear a personal experience from your daily life — what happened, what did it feel like, what thoughts arose? This helps us toward a common reality and gives us a context for our sharing in the next part.

Part 2 - The Three Questions

Group Conversation

If time remains, the whole group may engage in general conversation. 


The Conveners thank the participants, provide information about future sessions, and wish everyone goodbye.

Conception, a painting by Susan Porter.


"Your meeting really touched on what is missing in the usual conversations, and what is needed the most: How are we living our daily lives with our Acceptance and how is Collapse showing up for us. What does it look like, feel like, and what specifically are we each doing...all in practical terms, not in abstractions...and not in what we wish the whole world was doing, or imagining some fairytale global responses. You really brought the focus to the ground level, to look at ourselves in the mirror, and speak our own truths uniquely. That is HUGE!" --Karen Perry 

Safety and Responsibility