The Power of Collapse Acceptance

Beyond Grief to Healing

The Journey of Collapse Acceptance begins in grief. We are confronted with the knowledge that the climate is changing, society is dissolving into chaos, and the ecology of Earth is being poisoned and destroyed. We face immense loss: personal, natural, societal, and spiritual. But we have discovered that we can go beyond grief to transformation and healing, in the company of other compassionate people, 

What We Do

We facilitate online meetings where people can share their experience and learn from the experience of others. We use a simple talking circle and breakout rooms to address what we call The Three Questions:

Resurrection, a painting by Susan Porter

The Three Questions

We know that collapse is real. So, we ask:

These questions are designed to elicit key experiences on the path of Collapse Acceptance. Within a compassionate community, engagement with grief leads to the revelation of our authentic self, which gives us access to our native wisdom. This is the Journey of Collapse Acceptance as we understand it, and we invite you to join us.

How to Attend a Meeting

Meetings are free and without obligation. Everyone is expected to follow the guidelines, starting with the requirement for politeness and respect. 

We hold two meetings per week, on Wednesday and Saturday. You are welcome at either or both. If you have not already attended a meeting, please sign up to receive the Zoom link. (If you have already attended a meeting, you'll get the link in a reminder email.)


U.S. evening/Australia morning.

Next meeting: 27 September 2023

Pacific time 5:30 pm, Eastern time 8:30 pm, Australia-AEST 10:30 am (Thursday).


U.S. midday/Europe evening.

Next meeting: 30 September 2023

Pacific time 11:00 am, Eastern time 2:00 pm, London 7:00 pm, Paris 8:00 pm.

"Thanks so much for the wonderful meeting tonight. I always feel better after sharing experiences with others of a like mind. Grief comes in waves and you have helped me get through a big one tonight. Much love and gratitude!" --Mary M.